Trial Updates

This is a page to keep you updated with the progress in both the NoMAD trial and also the Maternal Wellbeing and Micronutrients trial.

NoMAD Trial:

October 2018: Wow, what a busy month for the NoMAD trial! Prof. Julia Rucklidge was featured on SevenSharp and this has generated a lot of interest, not only in the trial but also people wanting information on a nutritional approach to mental health. Please use the contact points on the NoMAD website if you would like more information about this. If you missed the news feature, see the link below. We currently have 15 participants in the trial and are still actively recruiting more. In particular, we are looking to recruit more men to the NoMAD trial. So if you, or anyone else you know is experiencing symptoms of anxiety and/or depression, please direct them to this website.

August 2018: We have started recruiting for the trial which is very exciting, with 10 people participating currently. We are aiming to have another 190 people participate over the next 12 to 18 months, so if you’re someone with symptoms of anxiety and/or depression, go and see your GP to discuss whether or not you are suitable for the trial. If you’re a GP, keep us in mind if you have patients that might be suitable for the trial. Meredith is always happy to discuss questions or concerns that you might have. You can contact her under the Information for General Practitioners and Trial Information pages.

Maternal Wellbeing and Micronutrients trial:

August 2018: We currently have 31 women enrolled in the pregnancy study, 19 of which have had beautiful healthy babies and we can’t wait to meet the ones yet to arrive. We need a further 89 women to enrol in the trial to meet our target of 120. We are so grateful for those who have/are participating in the trial and also for health professionals, friends and whanau for referrals. Hayley is available to answer questions or give more information, contact her at the website below.

We are looking for pregnant women:

·         12-24 weeks gestation

·         Having one baby

·         Feeling stressed, irritable, anxious or low in mood.

For more information, visit:



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